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About Us

Men             6 feet 4 inches

Women      6 feet 0 inches


1. Attend 3 activities within three months, one of which is a work function, such as a monthly planning meeting, or volunteer to work one hour at a club activity such as paper put out.  During this time a prospect receives complimentary issues of the club paper Tip Toppix.

2. The prospect will be eligible to be voted in as a member at the monthly board of directors meeting.

3. Dues April 1st 2018—Single $25,00, Married $28,00

          Checks should be made payable to CTTC, forward to:



Membership Application Join the club and you will receive the monthly newsletter, which has detailed information on club events, board meetings and members thoughts and comments with alumni news, not all information is listed on the web.

For Membership Information, Newsletters or any information on the tall club contact:       Alice Toppen