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Tomís Toppix

Hi Talls! Are you strutting yourselves out there? You know, standing TALL and proud rather than slouching? Remember we are a 'walking billboard' to most. Yes being Tall has a few perks like being noticed by most when arriving anywhere. 

How many events do we attend every year that are geared for the exceptionally Tall individual? Even when we attended the TCI convention in Portland it was just a social event, little information was provided to adapt those that are taller than average. I attribute this to the Internet where most can now find solutions to their problems like shoes, clothing, cars and more.


Some ask why then do we have this Tall Club? Tradition has brought out many Talls to gather at various events, just like our shorter friends. We have all met many acquaintances through various activities over so many years. Of course we have all had our ups and downs through life and through our experiences realize life ain't so bad being Tall.


This past year has been rather difficult for many Board Members to gather for our monthly meetings since the location has been moved to San Fernando Valley. It's that darn traffic, why do so many people want to live here? Why don't most of them visit family in other parts of the country & stay? I do love attending the monthly meetings over the past 27 years, yet this traffic situation is steering me away. 


The strength of our membership and the dues structure are critical to keeping this organization intact. Be strong and we must find a solution to our current Board of Directors meeting 'headache'. I've seen so many other Tall organizations come apart, first they cut their dues, then omit meetings, before you know it most of the members go elsewhere. 


As the first Tall club, we have the strength, knowledge and experience of running the longest running Tall organization in this country!! We have challenges that are just a bump in the road. Let's all put our heads together and communicate, see you at the next event and let's solve this latest crisis.


Any Tall Tales out there?