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Late Breaking Alumni News from John & Judy Ahmann

We had a 2-week cruise to Australia and new Zealand in January....beautiful countries, but didn't encounter many tall folks.  While there, we learned that our eastern Oregon cattle ranch (and many others in the area) had incredible snow and ice.  This took down 6 of our hay and equipment storage buildings, which we spent all summer rebuilding.

In one case, our manager drove our caterpillar tractor out the side of one of the partially collapsed buildings so he could use it!...a great video!

Our other big item was a lawsuit we brought against Napa county for flooding our pastures near the Napa River w/salt water due to their leaking flapper gates.  This killed 90 acres of our land.

We won the lawsuit and our attorney's fees in April, but the county is dishonorable and has not yet paid us.  In all they owe over $750,000., and they could have fixed it for $50,000.  This is your tax dollar at work, and it probably happens everywhere.

I went w/a friend on a Pacific Horticulture garden tour to the Hudson River Valley in Sept..  Among other things, we met Martha Stewart at one of her properties (nothing out of place, even in the horse barns!).  We also walked over 5 miles every day of the tour (5 days), including the High Line in NYC, private and public gardens.  Great exercise and beautiful places!..especially if you love gardens.

We were evacuated during the terrible fires in the Napa/Sonoma areas....fortunately only one night when it began on 10/8/17.  We took our travel trailer and pets to town, but told the fire line that we would have to come back, as we had 2 employees and 150 head of cattle in our location.  If necessary we would cut our fences and let the cattle out into the sloughs along the Napa River.  Fortunately, when we returned, the 80 mph winds had turned around and blew back to the west and burned out.  It didn't come back here...thank God.

Came down to your area with my daughter Christina (another 6'2" person!) for a an architectural tour of post-modern Palm was great, including Frank Sinatra's piano-shaped swimming pool and other noted movie stars that I remember (William Holden, Marjorie Main, Doris Day, etc.).

Our entire family was together for Christmas and we are alive and well!   We expect that all 5 of our grandchildren will be Tall Club material when they reach their adult height!

We still encourage tall people to find a tall club to belong to!  John was president of CTTC in 1965, when we met and married 6 month later....52 years and counting.