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Wendy’s Wanderings

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Wendys Wanderings    

Hi.  I am back from wandering.  Actually, I got back a while ago but I came home sick. Recovery has been slow but recovered I have.  Now I just need the brain to access stored data so I can share my wanderings with you.


One Convention story:

When we signed up for Convention, I assumed that the “Trip up the Columbia River” was a boat trip.  I was wrong.  It was actually an incredibly long bus trip alongside the Columbia.  I get motion sick in busses so knew I would have a horrible time if we went in the bus so we decided to follow the bus in our 1962 VW Bug.  When we left on the heels of the bus [ok – the bumper], little did we know of the adventure waiting for us ahead.  We really didn’t know how long the trip would be but the first stop at Vista House, though brief, was interesting – Amazing views of the Columbia River.  Thanks to the traffic control guy, we headed out in front of the busses, hoping that we were going in the right direction.  We decided that perhaps pulling over and waiting for the busses would be a good idea.  We waited to the point that Wendy was worried we took a wrong turn but at that point, the busses appeared.  So we proceeded to follow the busses thru little towns and villages (one town was all ready for a parade – we waved as we drove by all the people sitting in lawn chairs at the side of the road.  A ’62 Bug is worthy of a parade, right?).  We made it back to the Columbia where we all jumped on the freeway heading east.   After a time of top freeway speeds trying to keep up with a bus, our Bug started to overheat. We had to get off the freeway and let it cool down.  Once we cooled, we knew there was no catching the bus (we couldn’t catch it when we were following it on the freeway) so we plotted a route which would take us across the river sooner and we would just meet them at one destination (many thanks to Sheila’s texts keeping us apprised of the bus location).  While putting through a little town on the north side of the river, red lights appeared in our rear view mirror.  We got pulled over for speeding – our 62 bug with a top speed that can’t compare to a more modern car got pulled over for speeding!  [I texted Sheila as to our new delay.]  Wendy proceeded to explain to the officer that-we-were-at-a-convention-and-following-a-bus-because-we-couldn’t-take-it-because-I-get-sick-on-busses-and-the- Bug-overheated-trying-to-keep-up-with-the-bus-and-had-to-get-off-the-freeway-to-cool-down-and-now-we-were-trying-to-catch-up-with-the-bus-and-we-weren’t-sure-exactly-where-we-were-or-where-we-were-going-only-having-my-phone-for-directions-and-we-couldn’t-have-been-going-that-fast, cripes, this-is-a-62-Bug!  Turns out we were going 35 in a 25 mph little town speed trap but the officer had a heart (or maybe he was disappointed to encounter 2 old people in the Bug as opposed to a couple of hippie freaks or maybe he just felt sorry for Bob having to listen to me all the time…), let us off with a warning but first could he see registration and insurance. Took about 5 minutes of digging to get it for him.  Then he wanted to know if we had a more current insurance card as this one expired in 2013. (picky picky picky) Anyway, got off with a warning and a free map and some additional directions, met up with the busses and had a delightful lunch (Portland did a really nice job on the picnic lunch).

 I know. Kind of an anticlimactic ending to my story but the return trip was uneventful. We couldn’t take the freeway and we definitely slowed to 25 in every little town on the way back.

Anyway, I’ve droned on enough.  I’m still accessing my brain archives and hope to have an article about Pre-Convention next month.


Time for the irrelevant quote of the month…

Nothing is better than the unintended humor of reality.  

H. Albright