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Wendy’s Wanderings

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Wendys Wanderings      

OK.  So I was going to do my article yesterday and got distracted watching the Olympics.  Tonight we were watching the Olympics and I thought of my article and mentioned to Bob that I needed to work on it.  He asked how much more I needed to write.  “Ohhh… All of it.”  Here I am, half hour after my bedtime starting my article.  I seem to distract far easier than I once did.  Bob calls it seeing squirrels. Lately they are everywhere.  I start writing my article and want some water.  On the way into the kitchen I remember I have laundry needing to go into the dryer and head to the laundry room at which point I realize I need to water and feed the orchids in the guest room.  I go out to the garden shed to get the watering container and food for the orchids when I notice a bunch of oranges have fallen off the tree so I grab a bucket and start picking them up.  I go back into the house (without the orchid food) and check my email and think a cup of tea sounds good.  I go to turn on the tea kettle and the mailman gets here so I go check the mail.  Opening the mail, I get to a check that needs to be deposited.  I go to put my shoes, passing the laundry room where clothes should have gone into the drier 2 hours ago and get my keys to go to the bank but then the tea kettle goes off so I go in to make my tea when I realize I had picked up oranges but still needed to get the orchid food to feed the bedroom orchid.  And so my day continued into evening and on went the television --the Olympics were on.   And now it is tomorrow- my article is not done, the clothes did finally make it into the drier but there they sit, the orchids are still waiting, the deposit hasn’t been made, I have a cold cup of tea sitting on the counter and I’m leaving for Disneyland in an hour.

          I think this article is done. 


Time for the irrelevant quote of the month:

“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

                                                                 —Douglas Adams