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Wendys Wanderings      

Well, looks like we made it through another year… or almost as I’m working on my article for the December paper in the first week of November.   I’m really not ready for the holiday season.  I just finished taking down Halloween and I’m thinking “Perhaps I’ll be just like the stores… go directly from Halloween to Christmas,” skipping the fattening holiday in between.  Oh… but I can’t do that quite yet. First, I need to tell everyone who came to our Halloween Party (and there were 37 of you). “Thank you for coming!”  It’s the people who make the party a success and the Cal Tip Toppers Family make for a mighty fine party.   We had some great costumes too and though we don’t give out prizes for best costume (hmmm… maybe next year), this year, had we done it, I am sure that Paul and Mary Deyden would have taken top honors.  Amazing!!  For those of you who weren’t there, check out the Calif Tip Toppers Website and Facebook page.

          I hope to see lots of you at our Annual Holiday Party on December 16th.  Last year, Kristie and Paul put on a great party and they have offered to do it again.  Check out the flyer elsewhere in the newsletter.  Note that it is starting at 5PM this year to allow for a more relaxed evening of visiting with friends and devouring vast amounts of food.  And for those who wish to participate, we will once again have a Holiday Gift Exchange (wrapped gift costing no more than $15 with no name or card) for those who wish to participate.  I highly encourage you to participate, find a unique gift, and steal a gift during the exchange… for what is a holiday without taking something from your friends!  Remember the fun is in the exchange – whatever you end up with is a bonus!  [But if you miss out on something you really want, I’m sure we can track down where it came from so you can go buy yourself one just because you are special and you deserve it.] 

          December is also the time we start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m not sure why – it appears to just set us up for failure year after year.   I know a lot of people who have given up the resolution thing but something inside me still pushes me to make them.  I have, however, gone to more realistic resolutions.  I now make the same resolutions every year:  Smile & Laugh More and Make the World a Better Place for at least One Other Person.  Sounds good, doesn’t really tie one down to anything, and has high potential should I get on a roll.  I’m set for the New Year, how about you?



Time for the irrelevant quote of the month:

Is not life a hundred times too short for us to bore ourselves?                                                         --Friedrich Nietzsche